“Ripeness is all” – Poem by Sofia Kioroglou

Always be a noble man

even on a foundering vessel

stand aside and let the frail fill the lifeboats

Accept death calmly

and endure your going

hence even as your coming hither

There is nobility in the world

not everything is darkness

ergo ally yourself with the good.

“Ripeness is all”


  1. I admire the truthfulness of this poem. A man will never be any better than his word. He always must keep the promises, even if it means going down with the ship. It is then he must swim.

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  2. φαίνονται πολύ δυνατοί οι στίχοι… προσπαθώ να πιάσω το νόημά τους.

    Η ωριμότητα, λένε, έρχεται με τα χρόνια, αλλά νομίζω πως είναι κυρίως θέμα εσωτερικής καλλιέργειας και στροφής της ψυχής προς την Αλήθεια.

    σε ευχαριστούμε, Σοφία μου!
    καλό Σ/Κ !

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  3. It is how we carry ourselves during tough times that really attests to the kind of humans we are. This is so very true, Sofia and so well-written.

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    1. Thank you so much my friend! I have been so overwhelmed these days and I am now catching up on all of my fellow poets’work. I am so glad you like my work here. I just wanted to write something deep after so many days’s absence. I really loved your poem “to darkness with love”. I love your poetic diction every time😄

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      1. You are welcome, my friend, always! I have come to really admire your work and the person that you are. Your work is always deep and I do love it. I’m really happy you enjoy my work, too, especially pieces like To Darkness with Love, because I feel it is important to embrace both light and dark for they make us whole. 🙂

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      2. Thank you, Sofia. i will check them out when I have time. You are so sweet 🙂 Hugs to you, too, my friend 🙂

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      3. Also, check this one out. I am writing something for this journal as we speak. You are held in high regard my friend ! 😊http://poetrysuperhighway.com/psh/poetry/submission-guidelines/

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