I am so grateful to Silver Birch Press  for including my poem “Sophia the Martyr” in their SAME NAME SERIES Poetry and Prose series, which ran from Jan. 16-Feb. 13, 2016. SilverBirchPress is an independent publisher located in Los Angeles. To learn more about their titles, please visit their website at http://www.silverbirchpress.com

Silver Birch Press


We extend our gratitude to the 60 writers who participated in our SAME NAME Poetry & Prose Series, which ran from Jan. 16-Feb. 13, 2016. Many thanks to the following authors for a fun and engaging series!

Daisy Bala (Wisconsin)
Rose Mary Boehm (Peru)
Cathy Bore (England)
Cathy Bryant (England)
Jane Burn (England)
Abbie Burrow (Georgia)
Jacalyn Carley (Germany)
Alexandra Carr-Malcolm (England)
Tricia Marcella Cimera (Illinois)
Joan Colby (Illinois)
Crystal Cook (U.S.)
A.B. Cooper (England)
Isobel Cunningham (Canada)
Cullen Downey (Georgia)
Jennifer Finstrom (Illinois)
Vijaya Gowrisankar (India)
Torrin A. Greathouse (California)
Geosi Gyasi (Ghana)
Tina Hacker (Kansas)
Stephanie Barbé Hammer (Washington)
Patrick Cabello Hansel (Minnesota)
Françoise Harvey (England)
Jennifer Hernandez (Minnesota)
Veronica Hosking (Arizona)
Mark Hudson (Illinois)
Nina Johnson (Indiana)
Brent Jones (Japan)
Mary Kendall (North Carolina)
Sofia Kioroglou (Greece)
Jacqueline Kirkpatrick (New York)
Jennifer Lagier (California)
Joan Leotta (North Carolina)
Betsy Mars (California)
Patrick Lee Marshall (Texas)
Danielle Matthews…

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