Another Plato’s cave- Sofia Kioroglou

Another Plato’s cave
where sheeple will find shelter
Another shadow their fear will cast

We keep making excuses for
not living the life of our dreams
but we keep inventing their enemies.

We have nothing to fear but fear itself
the sirens of this world defy
as they will drag you down to hell.



  1. So true. Love ‘sheeple’! We are, just like this. And, if we don’t change our ways, we will be ‘sheeple’ lead to the slaughter!

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    • What I am trying to illustrate here through the poem and the video is that our perceptions of the world around us are as distorted as the people in the cave. Many of us resist taking the scales off our eyes probably because it is convenient. We attach importance to worldly pleasures when this is just a confined place. As a result, the powers capitalizing on our narrow-mindedness lead us into destruction and any revolt of some refusniks of the new systems who have seen the light and understand the true dimension of things will be punished. A perfect vignette of our society don’t you think?Thank you Venk for reading one of my faves!Cheers my friend!


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