So glad that 3 of my poems were included in this February Verse-Virtual issue. To check out my work, visit :


A b o u t  V e r s e – V i r t u a l

Verse-Virtual is a special place. Unusual, to be sure. I imagine you won’t find anything quite like it elsewhere on the Internet.

We are a community first. And then we are a journal. In the beginning the community came out of the journal. Now the journal comes out of the community.

Here, the focus is on kindness. Kindness and care. These, plus a bit of reading and writing make for what has become a virtual family. A large one.

The process couldn’t be simpler:

1. Readers read the poems in the journal.

2. When they come across poems they like they write emails to the authors to tell them.

Two steps. Two simple steps. Communication begins. And then: friendship.

There is much more. But not now. Instead, please spend your time reading the fine fare of the poets we are blessed to have in our midst.