“Sinai”by Sofia Kioroglou

Sofia Kioroglou


God-trodden Mount

of the Ten Commandments

The Holy Mountain of Moses


The photos were taken on Mt Sinai last December.

The poem will be published in this Verse-Virtual February issue

along with “Jerusalem”.

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4 thoughts on ““Sinai”by Sofia Kioroglou

    1. I went to Sinai last December. It was just awesome. No words can describe the beauty of that place. I am planning to write a poem about the burning bush and Moses. Hope I find the right poetic diction to get across what I have in mind!

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      1. That’s awesome…i have always wanted to travel to all the biblical places. You are lucky. I am sure you will find the right words to pen as you consider the burning bush and Moses…it’s a great topic and I am looking forward to reading your piece now 🙂

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  1. There is a good chance of me flying to the Holy Land and Egypt this February. This is where I met my beloved husband and I cherish the Holy places so dearly in my heart. God bless you and yes I will be writing my next poem soon. Have a beautiful day! Greetings from Athens, Greece.


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