“Oxygen mask”by Sofia Kioroglou


Death kissed you in November
and I am a complete mess inside!
I am suffocating and gasp for some air
but my oxygen mask has now gone to heaven.

Dedicated to my dad who passed away this November.

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5 thoughts on ““Oxygen mask”by Sofia Kioroglou

  1. I’m sorry to hear that – I hope you find a way through your loss. I have some idea how you feel as I lost my mother last year, All you can do is live day by day and hope.


    1. Thank you so much for your soothing words and compassion. It is still fresh and the pain excruciating!I just hope our parents are resting in peace. Thank you again for your kindness. I know my dad and your mum are watching over us from Heaven! God bless you Simon!

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      1. Nothing takes the pain away you deal with it in your own way and I hope that both our parents are some kind of party up there (or wherever) as they both deserved it. I wish you all the best Sofia, the only thing to rememebr is how they would want us to feel (and how I would like my children to feel one day) and celebrate them and their lives and keep them in our hearts.

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    1. Thank you kindly for your soothing words! I miss his chocolate eyes and that lingering twinkle that always gave me an impetus to keep going and roll with the punches. God bless you Fotini and a heartfelt thank you is in order here!

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