Submit to APRICITY

APRICITY claims First Electronic Rights on all written works published, meaning that APRICITY must be the first publication to feature the work online.

All reviews of submissions are blind, so please include a cover letter with your name as you would like it published and the genre you are submitting to. Submissions to multiple genres are accepted as long as each submission includes its own cover letter. Submissions with names still attached to the work outside the cover letter will be returned.

If there are contributing artists to your work (such as dancers, musicians, etc) they must send APRICITY written consent to use their image/sound/material. If there is no written consent from contributing artists then the submission will be returned.

All submissions must be emailed to

All artists/writers/dancers will know the fate of their submissions within three months of their submission.

Poetry Guidelines
You may submit a maximum of 8 poems of any length.

Please format your poems in your submission so that each poem has its own page in the document and they do not bleed together (unless that is the intention).

Please submit as either a DOC or WORD file.
Visual Art Guidelines
You may submit a maximum of 10 pieces of any visual art form.

If each piece is titled please include the titles in the cover letter in the order of the submission.

Please submit as a TIFF, GIF or JPEG file.
Fiction & Prose Guidelines
You may submit a maximum of 10 pages double spaced for any one work of short fiction or prose, or 20 pages double spaced of multiple works.

If submitting multiple pieces please clearly label all works and keep them distinct from one another.

Please Submit as either a DOC or WORD file.

Dance Guidelines
You may submit a maximum of 8 minutes for one piece, or 15 minutes for however many pieces fit within that time limitation.

All dancers and musicians included within your work need to send written consent to APRICITY so that we may publish the work.

All music must be your own, uncopyrighted or given with written consent from the musician(s).

Please submit in a downloadable video format. If APRICITY cannot open the file we will contact you to send your work in another format.


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