NASA planning new world order?

Just stumbled upon this truly amazing blogworthy post by Tonysonblogger who always comes up with the hottest news and articles which I am really itching to share with my readers.Project Blue Beam conspiracy theory suggests NASA has secret plans to create new world order – WHEN a bizarre event was captured on film showing what appeared to be dark skyscrapers floating in the clouds above China, the world was puzzled. While scientists were quick to dismiss the occurrence as a mirage, not all agreed.

In the days after the event, one particular conspiracy theory started to gather serious momentum — the belief the sighting was the result of a secret NASA mission known as Project Blue Beam. Canadian journalist and conspiracy theorist Serge Monast first developed the theory in 1994, before publishing his beliefs in a book entitled Project Blue Beam.

The theory suggests NASA and the United Nations are planning to create a new world order by using technologically simulated mind control to shape a global New Age religion. Mr Monast believed generating a global New Age religion was the only thing that would make a worldwide dictatorship possible.

Speaking at a presentation in 1994, he speculated that Project Blue Beam would be carried out in four different steps:

STEP 1: The breakdown of all archaeological knowledge
Mr Monast detailed his belief that NASA would aim to discredit all existing religions through the breakdown of all archaeological knowledge. The theory suggests that by providing evidence to falsify the teachings of all major religions, people will be more likely to accept the New Age religion when it is formed.

STEP 2: A gigantic space with 3D holographic laser projections
Mr Monast said the second stage in creating a new world order would be using a gigantic space show with 3D holographic images, lasers and sounds to seduce people into believing in the new god. Mr Monast said all of these depictions of the messiah would then merge into one.

STEP 3: Telepathic two-way communication
This is where things start to get really creepy. It is believed NASA will use low frequency radio waves to telepathically communicate with humans in an attempt to shape their beliefs to match those taught by the New Age religion. Mr Monast said the telepathic communication would be used as a form of mind control to trick people into thinking their god is delivering them messages directly.

STEP 4: Universal supernatural manifestations using electronic means
The final step of Project Blue Beam is to create chaotic event that will leave people willing or desperate enough to accept the new world order. Mr Monast said this could occur with up to three different orientations.

Is there any evidence to suggest the theory?

As you would expect with such a highly contentious topic, there are strong beliefs supporting and discrediting the conspiracy theory. Each of the four stages has evidence suggesting they are under way, although it is possible these things are just a coincidence. (*Source: dated OCTOBER 24, 2015)

If all these factors aren’t enough to convince you, then maybe the suspicious heart-attack death of Monast two years after he began trying to expose Project Blue Beam might sway your opinion. Then again, this whole concept could be one crazy idea that snowballed out of control.


Πηγή: NASA planning new world order?


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