Matadog design in Greece

image image image image imageWe love Matadog design for its innovative design as well as for its always eco-friendly packaging

Matadog Design is headquartered in Greece and its work is literally jaw-dropping. With its trail- blazing packaging and vibrant branding , Matadog design  is the ideal agency to partner with for your branding and packaging project. They deliver a distinctive visual identity based on strong strategic insight into your business and your target market. Your project is always treated with the utmost commitment and professionalism.
They are easy to communicate with, flexible, hard-working and really talented and dedicated artists able to always accommodate tight deadlines. Their award-winning projects testify to the firm’s momentum in the design arena. This product design and packaging firm ‘s core strengths include conceptual product illustration, industrial design and complete engineered solutions. They can assist with prototyping through 3D printing, low volume production and large scale manufacturing. Their process provides their Clients with a collaborative development approach that ensures expectations are met for the project through defined milestones. Hats off to this innovative graphic design firm from Greece.

See their site at :


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