Promoting your new coffee bar

I have a friend who just opened her new coffee bar in my area and we were trying to come up with ideas to promote her new coffee bar on a shoe string. Here is what I have found online that could help her small business become a haunt.

5 Ways to Promote Your New Coffee Bar on a Limited Budget

Create a simple one sheet or mini folder telling people about your business.
Hand out a flyer with a discount offer.
Ask some of her regular customers if their kids would like to earn some money handing out a flyer outside a couple of food stores in the area. She could copy 2,000 ex of the flyer, and include a coupon giving half price on coffee + sandwich or coffee + pastry

Hand out value cheques
Give the first 300 guests a value cheque – stating they could bring a friend next time and have two coffees for the price of one. People started to bring in new customers right away.
Putting up signs in the neighbourhood
“For about  €500 or 800 US dollars, print out 100 small plastic signs with the name of my coffee bar at a print shop. Drill some holes in them and wire them to lamp posts in the area.
Introduce yourself to nearby work places
Walk around the neighbourhood and hand out free coffee to the 30 closest businesses, shops and offices. After about five days, all the employees at those places will be regular customers!”

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