Guns and Bullets…by Sofia Kioroglou

Guns and bullets…

Eternal world redeemers try to save the world
with guns and bullets in people’s heads
with endless obituaries of innocent people
entombed in epitaphs of dreams and hopes.

Sugar-coated venom purported as nostrums
to cure all pain and eradicate symptoms
of an ostensibly robust epidermis
reeking of visceral galloping putrefaction.

*The poem is part of an anthology poetry project themed “Poetry against Terrorism” in E-book form.For those who wanna read the anthology and my poem “Guns and Bullets”, download “POETRY AGAINST TERROR” at FOR FREE in the next five days!




6 thoughts on “Guns and Bullets…by Sofia Kioroglou

  1. Reblogged this on Sofia Kioroglou and commented:

    I’m so proud to be one of 2 Greek poets included in this Anthology of 64 poets from 43 countries. We hope it will be read, and used for the betterment of mankind throughout the world by educators, politicians, artists, and students. Please pass it on! You can get an e-book at amazon for $.99 a copy now, a free period in Jan., and a book will be available starting in June.


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