Patiently Yours, Nietzsche” by Sofia Kioroglou

Thank you all for supporting my entry of poetry in the International Poetry competition in Illinois!God bless you all!


Dear all,

Thank you all for supporting my poem “PATIENTLY YOURS, NIETZSCHE” which  is participating in the international poetry competition in ILLINOIS. I have greatly appreciated your positive comment. Thank you again for standing foursquare behind me and believing in me. Today is the last day to vote for my poem. As you know,  the more people visiting the site regularly will result in more money being generated from sponsors, shop sales etc… This will help the cash prize for the poetry contest to increase and more cash prizes will be awarded to the poetry fans for helping to judge the contest. For your precious comment visit :

Best wishes to all,


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  1. Hi Sofia,

    I just got my toefl score and its a 109. Thank you for your guidance, without you success wouldnt be possible.


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